Grants & Awards

Spring 2019

Oz Ramos talking about Handsfree.js, his library for interacting with the web, desktops, and IoT handsfree using JavaScript

I was invited to the Studio for Creative Inquiry at Carnegie Mellon during the Spring of 2019 to participate in the Pittsburgh Processing Community Day and work on and demonstrate Handsfree.js

Winter 2018

A collage of Handsfree.js demos

Received a grant from Anil Dash of to develop Starter Kits for Handsfree.js

Spring 2018

Oz Ramos with his Google PDX guest pass after receiving a grant from Google PAIR

Received a grant from Google PAIR to help begin developing Handsfree.js after having released a few experiments to help a friend recovering from a stroke use the web handsfree using TensorFlow.js (then Deeplearn.js).